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Purple Cow is a full-fledged advertising agency with a wide range of expertise, including creative, design, brand strategy, research and analytics, communication/media strategy, production (digital management, broadcast, print and experiential).
We have in-house production studio, which is capable to provide the full range of production services (photography, short films, editing, music production and sound mixing.
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There will always be certain things that make us smile – an idea that takes off and flies. With over 3 years’ experience, you can count on us to add some magic to your campaign.


Whether you like it or not, and we’re probably not the first to say this, but if it doesn’t exist online, then it probably doesn’t exist at all – we’re a jargon free workplace with our digits firmly in the digital landscape.


We go old-school as well as new-school. From outdoor billboards, newspapers, and radio, to making every click count when it comes to digital PPC, social media and banners..

Film and Animation

Whether it's a complex message or a unique selling point we can get your campaign moving and capture the imagination of your audience with an inspiring piece of film or animation..

Our Clients


Choosing purple cow media managing our social media accounts has been the best choice, they started from scratch with only an idea they gave us and promoted us in so many levels with their off the charts creativities. Just like their name, they do standout

Eunice Isack Laptop City.

Purple cow media is one of the most creative and innovative agency we have come across, the think outside the box with everything they come up with. I and my team are glad we got to work with them.

Tarimo Mozes Ramada Encore.

Purple cow media has the best advertising ideas with the best customer care, especially the animations they come up with. They work to give you what you want and more than what you expected. It’s a nice agency to work with.

Albert Michael Superdoll

Our Pride

Why Us?

Tanzanian by heart, African in Spirit

A man was driving through Tanzania country side and was and was enchanted by the hundreds of cows grazing in the fields. He gazed out of the window praising how beautiful it was. Then, within twenty minutes, he started ignoring the cows, as what was amazing sometime back was now common and boring. They may be perfect, attractive and graceful but still boring.A purple cow, though. Now that would be interesting! The essence of the Purple cow is that it must be remarkable.

Remarkable means something worth talking about, worth noticing, exceptional and unique. Boring stuff is more like a brown cow, it’s invisible.We don’t want to be a brown cow, in anything we do, be it rural marketing, direct marketing, digital marketing, creative services, web development, event management, PR, media consulting, post production…… in everything…… We want to be a purple cow.

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Purple Cow Media limited
Mezzanine Floor, Quality Centre, Pugu/ Nyerere Road
P.O Box 40563
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Phone: +255 655 884 188